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Health insurance


Health insurance

“Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung”

Self-employed people are also allowed to choose whether they wish to be insured using the statutory health insurance scheme or through a private scheme.

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Let´s explain....

The statutory health insurance helps you and your family when you are ill.

In addition, it pays for many costs of preventive health care (for example, the dentist), rehabilitation care and the costs of childbirth. If you cannot work for a prolonged period because of illness and therefore do not receive your salary from your employer, the statutory health insurance
pays you sick pay (Krankengeld) as compensation.

The statutory health insurance cover is mandatory for employees with an income up to a specific level (the general and special annual income
limits). Employees who earn more than these limits can choose whether they want to be a member of the statutory health insurance (gesetzliche
Krankenversicherung) or a private health insurance scheme (private Krankenversicherung).

You have to choose one of these options; you cannot forego health insurance cover completely.

Who can get private health insurance?

The self-employed, freelancers and civil servants can in principle insure themselves in private health insurance regardless of their income.
Civil servants and the self-employed are free to choose between private and statutory health insurance. For example, the self-employed have the advantage that a fixed contribution for private health insurance is calculated based on performance, unlike statutory health insurance based on income.

Your private health insurance tariff is therefore set up regardless of whether you earn more or less as a self-employed person – your costs are fixed for private health insurance.

Employees can switch to private health insurance if their income is above the annual income limit – this limit was in 2022
at €64,350 gross. However, there are some exceptions (e.g. for certain employees who earn below the current annual income limit). Clarify in advance whether switching to private health insurance will convince you in terms of costs and benefits.


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