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Long-term care insurance


Long-term care insurance


Even if we like to suppress the thought of perhaps becoming a nursing case: Unfortunately, it can happen to anyone. Statistically, every second German will at some point need care – according to estimates by the Ministry of Health, that will be around four million people in a few decades.

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Let´s explain....

Long-term care insurance (Pflegeversicherung) will help you if you cannot look after yourself in old age or because of a severe illness and are dependent on nursing care.
The long-term care insurance provides financial aid and advice for people in need of care as well as their caring
dependents. If you would like to claim for benefits from the long-term care insurance scheme, you must submit an application to your long-term
care insurance fund.

If you are in a statutory health insurance fund, you are automatically covered by the social long-term care insurance.
If, however, you are insured with a private healthcare insurance scheme, you must take out an obligatory private long-term care insurance policy.

But is this enough?

Basically, each of us is covered by statutory long-term care insurance. Whether in a nursing home or in your own four walls: costs incurred in the event of a need for care are covered in this way – but only to a certain extent. There is a supply gap that you have to use your assets to fill. You can cover these costs with private supplementary long-term care insurance. In this way, you retain your financial independence even when you need care.


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